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Case studies

Besides our standard assortment, we've also had quite a few client specific products developed.

Several clients have put their faith in us to come up with a suitable solution to their situation. Below you can find the stories behind some of those solutions.

Feel free to browse the articles. If you find anything of interest, don't hesitate to call.

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/big_logo170_piaggio.jpg 25 February 2011   -   Belgian Post Office and Engels scooter box
Piaggio Benelux BV signed a contract in June this year with the Belgian postal delivery company De Post. In 2006, at least 700 new Piaggio scooters will be supplied, and a further 1400 are expected to be delivered in 2007. Each scooter has to be equipped with a lockable plastic box for carrying the mail.

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/Talens logo.jpg 25 February 2011   -   Custom work in warehouse Royal Talens
Royal Talens commercialise painting and drawing articles world-wide. They were searching for a bin that would be suitable for their automatic warehouse and that could be used for external distribution.

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/CADU3.jpg 25 February 2011   -   UN certified transport containers for safe transport in accordance with ADR
Not everything can be disposed of in an ordinary bin. This is why Engels has developed a range of ADR/UN certified products for the transport and storage of hazardous waste. These containers have been tested by the Belgian Institute for testing of packaging and have been awarded the necessary certifications for danger categories 1, 2 and 3

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/SITA_logo.jpg 25 February 2011   -   Containers for specific hospital waste (SZA)
Sita wished to improve their competitive edge by adding a waste container to their range of products, to be transported under UN number 3291. But even a large organisation such as SITA does not have everything in stock all the time which is why they came to Engels for a container specifically for hospital waste.

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/Gemeente%20Bunnik.jpg 28 July 2010   -   Property linked containers for paper collection
Property linked containers for paper collection

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/logo_campina_big.gif 28 July 2010   -   Custom work for the dairy industry
Custom work for the dairy industry

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/stru014.jpg 28 July 2010   -   The Structuplas and Opel case
Structuplas - Riesselberg at Izegem (Belgium) is a manufacturer of plastic parts for the electronic and automobile industries. Engels Logistiek B.V. and Structuplas have been conducting business together for several years.