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Mission statement

The Engels Group supplies products serving logistics and the environment, with a strong focus on sustainability. We intend to maintain our growth towards a European pole position by being a professional partner for our clients as well as our suppliers. This by the:

. Quality of our products, consultation and service
. Creativity of our proposed solutions
. Clarity and accessibility of our communication
. Completeness of our product range

Our product range answers all questions concerning warehouse and transport bins, storage systems, multiple use packaging, pallets and pallet boxes, retention bins, boxes approved for the transport of hazardous materials and plastic and steel waste containers. This supported by our electronics, software and services for waste collecting and logistics.


Quality statement

Our quality system was created for the sole purpose of achieving the mission described above. Our autonomous quality assurance department takes action to aid and monitor achievement of the mission under the direct supervision of and with the full support of the management board. Key points:

. Collaboration with selected, highly qualified and ISO-certified suppliers in order to guarantee the physical quality of the delivered product.

. Audit for new suppliers and suppliers with quality problems in order to prevent rather than solve complaints.

. Performance measurement We monitor processing times, fault percentages and product availability so that we can make delivery promises without reservations and feel confident that our customers are always satisfied, or better still, pleasantly surprised when they take delivery.


Mission Statement in our lobby
Our mission statement is important enough to us, to put it on the wall of our lobby
Mission Statement 50 years
The Engels Mission statement in honor of our 50th anniversary
ISO 9001 certificate
Our ISO 9001 Certificate