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Our company was founded in Tilburg around 1955 by Jan Engels. He then supplied machines and parts to the textile industry. Aside from that he also supplied racking and bins and fiber products, a material that predating plastic.

In 1985 the second generation took the helm and changed the product line up to steel racks and plastic bins. In 1990 the move to Eindhoven followed, in 1996 Engels Logistics NV in Belgium was founded, in 2000 we moved to our current location.

In 1-1-2005, in the Lille region France, Engels Manutention Environment SARL was founded and in 1-7-2006 in Lisbon Engels Logística e Ambiente LDA.

At the moment we are realising a € 21.000.000 revenue with 75 employees in 5 country's with the slogan "Serving logistics and the environment".

leather industry
1960: handmade bins made from cotton-fibre, what it all started with.
2005: injection moulded bins now,
same application, different technology!
Mission Statement in our lobby
Our mission statement is important enough to us, to put it on the wall of our lobby