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Plastic welding polyestervormen Rotation moulding Injection moulding Vacuum moulding

Custom-made bins, unusually good

When our normal assortment doesnt suit your needs, we also offer custom made bins. Engels gladly helps creating a bin suitable for your transport, warehouse or production methods. We've aided many companies and communities. Our innovative attitude and knowledge in the field of plastic has lead to many succesfull solutions.

Succesfull custom made solutions by Engels

The custom made solutions by engels has helped many customers with a new product. In the form of plastic packaging we've supplied many succesfull products. We manufacture these in several ways. We melt the plastic, weld it or use vacuum moulding to form a plate to a mould.

Logistics, waste seperation and more

Our custom made solutions have offered many communities and companies a solution. Our innovative attitude and client orientation doesn't limit itself to logistics. Engels is also looking for creative solutions for waste management.