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Our work often leads to clever and innovative products. On this page you can find several news and development items.

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/iso9001.gif 08 August 2016   -   Engels Logistiek BV continuates its ISO certificate
Engels Logistiek BV has passed its audit for the ISO 9001 quality standard till 2019

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/FAVV.jpg 29 June 2015   -   Engels Logistics succesfully passed an audit from the FASFC
Engels Logistics successfully passed an unannounced audit from the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, in short FASFC (in dutch FAVV). This government agency is responsible for laying down, implementing and enforcing measures related to food safety.

http://www.engelslogistics.be/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/healthcare.jpg 21 April 2015   -   Engels Logistics: totaal leverancier aan de zorgsector
Gebaseerd op jarenlangen ervaring bieden wij een compleet product gamma voor de zorg.

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/palettes-metro.jpg 28 January 2014   -   Distribution Metro with traceable plastic pallets Engels
Metro International, which is well known as a result of its free daily newspapers that are distributed worldwide, purchased 400 pallets for the distribution of Metro in France.

http://www.engels.fr/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/MGB180_groepzijkant.jpg 07 January 2014   -   New MGB 180 litre container
Mini container range expanded with the introduction of a 180-litre container.

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/Page_1_newsletter_122013.jpg 06 January 2014   -   Newsletter December 2013
We would like to wish you, your family members and your company good health and every success for 2014.
Employees of the Engels group.

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/IM-Jan-Engels.jpg 16 January 2012   -   In Memoriam: Jan Engels, founder of the Engels Group
We feel sorry to communicate the sad news that Tuesday, 3-1-2012 the founder of our company, Mr. Jan Engels, died at the age of 90 years.

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/CPP-875-Cabkan.jpg 18 October 2011   -   The special Cabkan plastic can carry even the toughest loads
The pallets shown here are distinctive for their unusually high stability.

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/Shuttle-pallet_Engels_21.jpg 19 November 2010   -   Shuttle pallet in high bay warehouses

Wear and damage to pool pallets quickly cause malfunctions and standstill of the sensitive equipment in high bay warehouses. With the Shuttle pallet from Engels the pool pallets continue to function perfectly.

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/IMG_3028.jpg 17 November 2010   -   Projects like this one for NMBS are exactly what Engels does best.
At the beginning of 2009, the National Railway Company of Belgium (NMBS) issued a call for tenders for the delivery of waste bins for sorted collection at the stations throughout Belgium.

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/Lightpak compleet.jpg 07 October 2010   -   Engels supplies packaging for the withdrawal Dutch Forces from Afghanistan
Now the Dutch government has decided the presence of the Dutch Forces in Afghanistan is no longer needed, all the equipment must send back to the Netherlands.

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/kast_zes_goes.jpg 29 July 2010   -   Transport cabinets for consumers electronics.
Engels Logistiek BV, in cooperation with Zes Goes BV, developed special wheeled transportation cabinets for consumers electronics.

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/un-logo.jpg 29 July 2010   -   New generation ADR approved multi-use plastic transport boxes by Engels
More and more our company Engels is asked to provide solutions for the multi use packaging of dangerous goods or special substances, like human medical specimen

/content/user/Image/Site/actueel/LogoRECYLUM.gif 29 July 2010   -   WEEE scheme for Energy saving lamps and Neon Tubes well under way in France
A new global public-private initiative has been launched to address the issue of electronic and electrical waste (WEEE). Recylum collects all the neon tubes and energy saving lamps in France, and Engels is supplying the containers to transport them.